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Talking Dictionary566. Even Steven


566. The questionnaire asked if he had ever smoked or drunk. If so, how much and for how long. He wrote down, "A pack a day and at least a six‐pack a day for 30 years." He thought about those 30 years. What a waste. A waste of his money. A waste of his lungs. A waste of his mind. The secretary finally called his name. He waited in the doctor's office. She came in and looked at the questionnaire. She asked, "Are you still smoking and drinking this much?" He said, "No, I quit both about ten years ago." She asked, "Did you use a nicotine patch or go to Alcoholics Anonymous?" He said, "No. I just quit." She said, "You had to be very strong to quit just like that." He said, "Yes, but I had to be very weak to get hooked in the first place, didn't I?" 1.9


566. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.