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Talking Dictionary564. Laundry Watch


564. His alarm went off. He finished the last bite of his sandwich. He washed it down with half a can of root beer. He went downstairs to the laundry room. He walked over to washer number seven. A woman was putting her clothes into "his" washer. He was startled. He looked around. He saw his clothes in a nearby laundry room basket. His temperature rose. He hated the thought of someone else's hands on his washed clothes. He said, "My clothes were in this washer. You couldn't have waited another minute? Try using a little patience, will you?" She said, "I did try. I tried until the washer shut off. Then I stopped trying." He said, "Well, you're not being very considerate." She said, "Not considerate? Hello, Mr. Pot! Who's the one that's not considerate? You should've been down here when the washer shut off. That would have been considerate!" 2.7


564. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.