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Talking Dictionary562. TP Doesn't Grow On Trees, You Know


562. Amelia said, "When my brother Bruce gets here, be nice. He's very sensitive." George said, "I won't say one mean word. How long is he going to stay with us?" She said, "I don't know. And don't you dare ask him. He already feels bad enough about losing his job without you adding to it. And don't tell him to turn out the lights or eat less of our food." George said, "C'mon! I'm not that cheap." She rolled her eyes. Although skinny as a rail, Bruce ate like a horse. What bothered George even more was that, with Bruce in their one‐bedroom apartment, they were going through a roll of toilet paper almost every day. After four weeks, Bruce abruptly left. Amelia asked George, "Why did Bruce leave? What'd you say to him?" George said, "Nothing. I just asked him—nicely!—how many squares he used at a time." 2.8


562. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.