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Talking Dictionary560. You Talking To Me?


560. The half‐empty Q train headed south to Coney Island. Afternoon sunlight flooded the cars. A man walked over to a west‐side door and stood at attention. His face was just inches from the glass. Seated nearby, Maria looked at him. He was about 30, clean‐shaven, and neatly dressed. He started talking to his reflection, loud enough for all to hear. He had a foreign accent. He said, "Do you have something to say? You think too much. That's not good. The rest you know. Don't mention it. There's an unlimited supply of truth. Truth is harsh medicine that sets you free. Do you understand, you clown? Or should I say, you clone of a clown? I never steal. I never steal in my entire life. Your daddy is a liar." The train stopped. People entered and exited through the east‐side doors. The man kept talking. Maria hurried to another car. 3.1


560. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.