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Talking Dictionary558. Bake It Black


558. He asked his wife what she'd like for Christmas. She said, "Cook me a nice dinner." He said, "You know I'm a terrible cook. Let's just go out." She said, "No. Making something shows more love than buying something." On Christmas day, he read the instructions for cooking a rack of lamb. He cooked it for 20 minutes. Then he stuck a meat thermometer into it. The thermometer said 180 degrees—very well done. That was fast, he thought. He took the lamb out of the oven. He cut into it. The meat was almost raw. He returned it to the oven. I'll give it another 30 minutes, he thought. Thirty minutes later, he smelled something burning. The lamb was toast. He told his wife, "I'm sorry. Next year I'll do it right. I learn from my mistakes." She said, "So do I. Today—and next year—we're going out." 2.5


558. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.