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Talking Dictionary556. The Electric Shaver Savior


556. His reliable Remington XLR3000 shaver died. It was 10 years old. The rechargeable battery wouldn't hold a charge. He ordered a new battery online. The instructions that came with it said a soldering iron was necessary. He'd never used one before. He bought one cheap at RadioHut. The battery instructions didn't tell him how to open the shaver case. It looked bulletproof. He didn't want to damage the shaver trying to open it. So he let everything sit in his desk drawer—for almost a year. Finally, he decided to take a chance. Working ever so carefully, he managed to pry the shaver apart, solder the new battery into place, and reassemble the shaver. After charging it overnight, he turned it on. It came to life, roaring like a leaf blower! He grinned. He had done something that he thought he couldn't do. And, he had resurrected his old friend. 5.5


556. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.