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Talking Dictionary555. A Shot In The Dark


555. Chris was seated in the theater. Nobody was near him. "Reservoir Dogs 2" was about to start. As usual, there were few moviegoers at the 12:20 matinee. Chris liked it like that. The lights went down. The previews began. Minutes later, a man and woman sat down in the seats right in front of Chris. He moved a few seats to his left. Then he heard a phone ring. The man started talking on his phone. Chris said, "Would you please take your phone conversation outside? I'm trying to watch a movie." The man looked at Chris. He snarled, "Go sit somewhere else, old man." He threw a full bag of popcorn at Chris. The man resumed talking on his phone. Chris shot the man in the head. Later, Chris told a detective, "I was just trying to watch a movie. He was rude. I gave him a wake‐up call." 2.0


555. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.