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Talking Dictionary554. Superman Rides The Q Train


554. Billy and his mom were on the southbound Q train. At Prospect Park, Superman entered the car. Superman was Billy's hero. Billy's mom said, "Look, honey! Superman!" Superman's red cape had a big yellow "S" on it. He was wearing a blue T‐shirt, red slacks, and black sneakers. Billy said, "That isn't Superman, Mom." Superman was wearing a backpack. A silver chain connected the backpack to a one‐gallon plastic jug. He'd taped copies of one‐dollar bills all over the inside of the jug. Superman walked throughout the car, holding out his jug for donations. When he finished, he went over and stood at the car door. Billy said, "Look at him standing by the door." Mom said, "So? He's waiting for the next station." Billy said, "Mom, do you know what the real Superman would do? He'd open the door with just one pinky and fly to the next station!" 3.8


554. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.