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Talking Dictionary547. Snail Mail vs. Snail Fax


547. The fourth time the bank called that day, Molly answered the phone. A representative from TB's credit card division said, "We haven't received your payment yet." Molly said, "That's because I never got my statement. Of course, I don't want to hurt my credit rating with a late payment. But I'd rather not pay until I see exactly what I'm paying for." He said, "I understand. We can mail you your statement again. It'll take seven to ten business days." Molly said, "That's too long. Then I'll be in the next cycle. Can't you email me the statement?" He said, "We don't email statements. But we can fax you your statement." Molly said, "Great! Fax it right now. After I check it, I can pay you while we're still on the phone." He said, "Well, there's a problem with that. You see, our faxes take three to five business days." 3.4


547. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.