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Talking Dictionary546. A New Toilet Seat, Returned


546. In mid‐December, Troy wondered, What can I get my wife for Christmas? He thought and thought. Finally, the answer came to him—a new toilet seat! Their toilet seat was at least five years old. It had come with their apartment. He went to House Depot. He found a similar seat for only $6. Surprisingly, it was returnable. He installed the new seat. When his wife got home, she went straight into the bathroom. Minutes later, Troy heard through the door, "What's this?" He said, "It's your new toilet seat! How do you like it?" She said, "I hate it! Take it back. The hole's too small." Troy said, "That's ridiculous. All toilet seat holes are the same size." She said, "Take it back!" He took it back, but not before measuring the holes lengthwise. His wife was right. The hole in the new seat was half an inch shorter. 1.9


546. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.