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Talking Dictionary543. Be Nice Or Don't Graduate


543. One day the school principal heard about a student yelling at a student in a wheelchair. The next day he heard about a boy mocking a girl's gait. She walked with a permanent limp. The principal sent a memo to the teachers. It said, "We're going to have a new class—'Be Nice.' All students must attend. They'll get to experience what it's like to be 'different.' They'll wear a blindfold all day to experience poor vision. They'll wear earplugs all day to experience poor hearing. They'll use crutches all day to experience poor mobility. They'll learn to appreciate what less fortunate students experience every day." Mr. Evans, a math teacher, thought the "Be Nice" class lacked one experience. He said, "They should have to wear gags in their mouths all day. That way, they'll be unable to say mean things, and we teachers will experience some peace and quiet." 4.6


543. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.