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Talking Dictionary542. T‐Shirts For Meet‐Ups


542. Oliver owned a T‐shirt store. His T‐shirts were different. Printed on them were parts of books. A paragraph from a book was on the front of a shirt. A paragraph from another book was on the back of a shirt. Following each paragraph were the title of the book and the name of Oliver's store. Oliver said, "I call them my 'parashirts.' They accomplish several things. They make me money. They get people interested in reading the book. And, of course, they're great icebreakers. People standing near someone will start reading the T‐shirt. They might say to the person, 'That looks like an interesting book. Have you read it yourself?' I've got lots of single and divorced customers. They say these T‐shirts are a great icebreaker for singles who don't own dogs. Plus, you don't need to carry a plastic bag when you take your T‐shirt out for a walk." 4.0


542. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.