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Talking Dictionary540. Give Me Some Elbow Room


540. Lucy loves to attend Broadway shows in Times Square. She sees many of the same theater‐goers regularly. One of them puzzled her. She told her friend, "I've seen this man at half a dozen shows. At first, I didn't pay him any mind. But over time, I started noticing something. He's always by himself. And I do mean 'by himself.' Nobody ever sits near him. Even when the theater is sold out, four empty seats encircle him. I can't figure it out. How can anybody be that lucky with no‐shows?" Sally asked, "Does he have a white goatee and big ears?" Lucy nodded. Sally said, "I've read about him. He's not lucky; he's rich. And he hates for people to bother him during a show. So he always buys five theater tickets! That way nobody blocks his view, nobody kicks his seat, and he gets both armrests all to himself." 3.3


540. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.