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Talking Dictionary538. Be Nice To LGBT


538. One afternoon Sammy's principal called Sam. She said, "Sammy taunted Johnny all day today. Johnny is gay. He was wearing his favorite pink shirt. I just found out about this. Can you please try to help Sammy become more tolerant?" Sammy's dad was embarrassed and angry. Many of his clients were gay. When Sammy got home, Sam yelled at him. Then he took Sammy shopping. It was Fashion Week in Manhattan. They went to Ford and Tailor on Fifth Avenue. There were many colorful ensembles for young people. Sam bought one he especially liked for Sammy. The next day, Sam made Sammy wear the new outfit to school. Sammy wore bright pink socks, pants, shoes, and shoelaces. He also wore a pink shirt and tie. When Sammy got home, his dad asked, "Well, has your attitude toward gays changed now?" Sammy said, "It sure has. I hate them even more!" 3.3


538. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.