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Talking Dictionary537. Man Gets Dog's Nose


537. Joey slipped on some ice and hit his head. He came to in a hospital. A nurse asked how he felt. He said, "Fine. Did you have red grapes, a boiled egg, and green tea for breakfast?" She asked, "How did you know?" He said, "That's what your breath smells like." Amazed, she called her supervisor. Many doctors examined Joey. Joey had acquired the sense of smell of a dog. DEA hired him to sniff people and baggage entering the country. Joey's nose detected a million dollars' worth of drugs every day. He was the agency's "top dog." But as months went by, Joey changed. He stopped shaving. He stopped getting haircuts. He stopped using deodorant. He started giving cats the evil eye. DEA had to let him go after he started sniffing travelers' butts. However, his ex‐boss said, "If he starts running around on all fours, we'll rehire him." 2.8


537. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.