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Talking Dictionary535. TGIF


535. It was 10:05 Friday night. Her workweek was finally over. Her 40‐minute ride on the B train was finally over. She felt exhausted, even though she'd been sitting during the whole ride. The subway station escalator wasn't running. She trudged up the 49 escalator steps. She walked the four blocks to her apartment building. As she climbed the two flights to her apartment, she promised herself—again—to move to a ground‐floor apartment. She flopped down on her bed and went right to sleep. After breakfast the next morning, she took two loads of wash to the Laundromat. After taking her laundry home, she went grocery shopping. After that, she went to several department stores. She needed a sweater and a winter jacket. She didn't find either. When she got home, she cleaned her apartment. She started making dinner. Her brother called. He asked, "Can you babysit for us tomorrow?" 5.0


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