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Talking Dictionary534. Forget Me Not


534. He bought a Banana smart phone. Everybody talked about how intuitive it was. If it's so intuitive, he wondered, why does Banana offer so many classes on how to use it? He didn't take any classes, but he did learn a few things rather easily. For example, the Reminders application was a snap to use. He loved it. It was so easy to remind himself of so many things. His first reminder was to call his student dentist at NYU. Then he reminded himself to buy cherries at Fairway supermarket. Then he reminded himself to get a flu shot at Walgreens. His reminder list grew and grew. One Saturday morning at home, his phone alerted him to almost a dozen reminders. After the last alert, his wife said, "You haven't checked a single one of those reminders." He said, "I know. I have so many, I just ignore them all." 5.4


534. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.