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Talking Dictionary532. B.O. To Go


532. The new student walked into the small classroom ten minutes late. Within seconds, the teacher smelled body odor. The odor was overwhelming. The teacher hoped it was a one‐time thing. But the next day, the teenage student smelled just as bad. That afternoon, the teacher talked to his supervisor. She said, "Well, you certainly can't tell her that she has body odor. She might call Gloria Allred. Gloria might sue us. A lawsuit would hurt our reputation. How about this? Do a weekly class on personal hygiene. Bring different brands of toothpaste to class. Tell the students to try a couple of the brands at home for a week. Then they can share their experiences with their classmates." The teacher said, "Okay, but what does toothpaste have to do with body odor?" His supervisor said, "Start with toothpaste. Then move on to shampoo. Then to deodorants. You mustn't be obvious." 4.1


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