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Talking Dictionary531. Not My Brother's Keeper


531. She wanted to start her own company. She asked her dad for a loan. He refused. He didn't want her to be a businesswoman. It would bring shame on the family. With her life savings of only $50, she bought candy from a local supplier. Then she sold the candy for a profit. With her profit, she bought more candy. After a few years, she had ten employees. She had her own driver. Her dad asked her to hire her brother. She didn't want to. Her brother was a lazy man. But her dad insisted. So she hired him. Her brother came to work late and left early. She scolded him. She warned him. A year later, she fired him. Her dad said, angrily, "You didn't give him enough time." She said, "No, Dad. He didn't give me enough time. Now, I've given him all the time in the world." 1.7


531. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.