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Talking Dictionary530. Where's My New York 1?


530. Joe's monthly phone‐Internet‐cable TV bill had risen from $90 to $160. He called Time‐Warmer's Customers Rule! number. The rep said he could reduce Joe's bill to $110 a month. Joe called Horizon, Time‐Warmer's rival. The rep said Horizon's Triple Play package was only $80. After checking with his wife, Joe chose Horizon. The Horizon technician set everything up on Saturday afternoon. Joe's wife came home from work Saturday night. She turned on the TV. Moments later, she yelled, "Where's my NY1!?" Joe said, "NY1 comes only with Time‐Warmer. Didn't you know that?" She said, "How should I know that? I know that we live in New York. I know that our remote has the number 1 on it. So, when I press 1, I should get NY1. I need my local weather all day long! I want my NY1!" Joe called Time‐Warmer. The following Saturday, his wife had her NY1. 4.4


530. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.