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Talking Dictionary528. Where'd His Wife Go?


528. His wife was using her computer in the living room. He went downstairs to the laundry room. He returned a few minutes later. He didn't see his wife. That's funny, he thought. He looked in the bathroom. She wasn't there, either. He looked in the bedroom. No wife. He began to worry. Had something bad happened? Then he heard something. It sounded like a drop of water. Workers had fixed a big leak in the bedroom closet recently. Had a new leak begun there? He looked in the closet. No leak. No wife, either. He heard the drip again. He checked the bathroom. He checked the kitchen. He heard the drip again. It was coming from the living room. He walked over to his wife's computer. He was startled to see his wife. Filing cabinets had hidden her from his sight. She was sitting on a stool, clipping her nails. 2.0


528. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.