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Talking Dictionary527. Where'd The Graffiti Go?


527. She found a bottle on the beach. It was unlike any bottle she had ever seen. It changed colors as she turned it this way and that. The colors shone. She thought, It looks like there's a rainbow in this bottle. If she pulled the cork out, the rainbow might fill the sky. Everyone near and far could enjoy the rainbow. After much effort, she managed to pull out the cork. A huge, green genie dressed all in green appeared. She was frightened. He said, "Fear not! I am here to grant you one wish. But it must be environmental. I am an environmental genie." She had just taken the B train from Manhattan to Brighton Beach. She couldn't believe all the graffiti she had seen on the bridge, buildings, and walls. She said, "I wish all the graffiti all over the world would disappear." The genie said, "It's done." 2.8


527. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.