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Talking Dictionary526. Boo‐Ya! In Your Face


526. Norman told the police officer, "Last Friday my wife and I were walking through Union Square about 8 p.m. We were walking past a guy when suddenly he put his face up to hers and yelled 'Boo‐ya!' Then he laughed. My wife was startled. Then, as we walked away, she said I should have punched the guy. She was madder at me than him!" The officer said, "Well, if you had punched him, he deserved it. That's called 'harassment.' It's illegal, of course. People can't just get in other people's faces like that. Usually they're drunk or on drugs, or off their meds. Sometimes they're just jerks. If it ever happens again, call 911. We usually take them to Bellevue. They spend the night in the psychiatric ward. But tell your wife, I said you did the right thing. Walking away from these people is always better than confronting them." 3.8


526. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.