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Talking Dictionary525. Cart Fight At High Noon


525. It was midday at 34th Street and Broadway. A shish kabob vendor was pushing his big cart onto the sidewalk. A mango vendor was blocking his progress. She had a much smaller cart. A young woman in a Skyride T‐shirt said, "Stop, mister! You're going to crush that woman." He said, "She's in my space!" The mango vendor shouted, "It's my space! I've been here all morning!" She wouldn't budge. She clung to a scaffolding pole. A young, pretty police officer arrived. She talked quietly to both vendors. She checked their licenses. She directed the shish kabob vendor to leave. He started pushing his cart north up Broadway. She allowed the mango vendor to stay. The officer left. The mango vendor sliced up a fresh mango. She put the slices in a plastic tray. She gave it to the young woman, who ate the slices between puffs on her cigarette. 3.2


525. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.