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Talking Dictionary524. An Ice Cold Classroom


524. At the teachers' meeting, Raymond said, "It's summer time, but my students are freezing. You could hang beef in my classroom. My students come from the hot, humid summer air into my icy classroom. The temperature change is making some of them sick. They can't focus on their math. All they can focus on is how cold they are. Some of them are wearing jackets in class. They're all waiting for winter so they can be warm again. We need to do something. We should divide this building into three temperature zones. Let's make the ground floor 66 degrees, the second floor 72 degrees, and the third floor 76 degrees. Then let's assign floors. Cold‐blooded teachers go to the first floor. Hot‐blooded teachers go to the third floor. Teachers like me—normal teachers—go to the second floor. At registration time, we can register students according to their temperature preferences." 4.9


524. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.