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Talking Dictionary522. Your English Isn't Very Good


522. Todd went into the discount store. Leo, in his sixties, owned the Brooklyn store. Leo's first language was Chinese. He didn't know Todd by name, but he was always friendly and polite. Todd asked for a Mega and a Powerball quick pick. Leo said, "One of each?" Todd said, "Pardon? 'One a week'?" Leo repeated, "One of each?" Todd said, "Oh, 'one of each.' Yes, please." Leo gave him the two quick picks. Then, joking, Todd said, "I'm sorry I didn't understand you. My English is not too good." Todd paid and thanked Leo. Leo said nothing. Todd sensed a chill in the air. Puzzled, he left the store. He thought, Maybe Leo thought I said his English was not too good. Todd went back to the store and explained his remark. Leo chuckled. He said, "Not a problem. You're a nice guy. You wouldn't have said something like that." 1.7


522. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.