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Talking Dictionary518. A Penthouse For Only $40K


518. He read about a Manhattan hotel. Its penthouse was available for $40,000 a night. The nine‐room penthouse had a 360‐degree view. It came with a butler, personal trainer, and chauffeur. He said to his wife, "Who are they kidding? A year's salary for one night in a fancy‐schmancy penthouse? And what do you get? A panoramic view? How long can you look at a view? And what if it rains on your view? Do you get a rain check? And what good is a butler? I don't know how to take off my own shoes? And what's a trainer going to do? How fit can you get in one night? And what use is a chauffeur? Who's going to leave a $40,000 hotel room to ride around in the back seat of a car? Not me! To get me out of there, they'd have to set the furniture on fire." 2.9


518. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.