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Talking Dictionary516. The Missing Marker Cap


516. The tutor handed the black marker to his student. She was learning English. She constantly spoke to him in Russian, even though he hardly knew "net" from "da." She wrote the two contractions for "he is not" on the whiteboard. He said, "Very good." She smiled. She started to hand him back the marker. Then she pointed to the tip. She shrugged her shoulders. She looked at him quizzically. He realized what she meant. Using the marker, he wrote on the board, "Where's the cap?" He said the words. She repeated them. They looked everywhere for the cap. He even dug through his workbag filled with pencils and other supplies. They gave up. He picked up the marker. He was going to throw it out. Then he noticed something. The cap was actually on the marker. It was snapped into the bottom of the marker. He had put it there. 2.4


516. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.