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Talking Dictionary515. Heavy Groceries, Long Walk


515. Almost every weekend, his wife came home carrying two heavy, paper shopping bags from Wholesome Foods. He always said, "Honey, those heavy bags aren't good for your back." One weekend, he did the grocery shopping. Unintentionally, he bought three heavy bags of groceries. He left Wholesome Foods struggling to carry them. He had to carry two bags with one hand. He could get only one fingertip around the handles of one bag. His left middle fingertip became numb. He stopped to rest and regrip. After many more stops, he finally finished walking from Columbus Circle to the subway station at 57th Street. He took the N train home. When he got home, his fingertip was still numb. He praised his wife for her weekly trek from Columbus Circle to 57th Street. She said, "What trek? I catch the D train at Columbus Circle. It takes me right to our building." 4.7


515. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.