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Talking Dictionary513. 30 Years Of Shuffling Paper


513. Craig's uncle had just retired from a government job. He was planning to take a lot of ocean cruises. Craig said, "What a dream job that was. Just shuffle paper for 30 years and then take ocean cruises. You can't beat that." Marie said, "Of course you can. Your uncle was born here. He speaks fluent English. He grew up knowing American culture. He had many advantages that immigrants to America don't have. Yet he shuffled paper for 30 years. My boss came here from Vietnam with no money and no English. He had nothing but his recipe for hot sauce. Last year his company sold $60 million worth of his hot sauce. If your uncle had aimed for the stars, today he might own his own cruise company. But he didn't. He took the easy road. I think my boss is more of an American than your uncle is." 3.4


513. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.