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Talking Dictionary509. New, Improved EZ English


509. The President spoke two languages—English and Brolese. After being elected, he married a woman from Brola. She was learning English. She told him, "Irregular verbs make learning English very difficult." The next day, he announced to the nation, "Effective immediately, all irregular verbs will become regular verbs. That includes, of course, the crazy verb 'to be.' I have speaked." The next day, a newspaper article stated, "The President maked an announcement yesterday afternoon. He sayed, 'No more irregular verbs.' Then he goed to the Tulip Garden to celebrate the end of irregular verbs. Many people beed there. He shaked hands with them. He heared no complaints about his announcement—only congratulations. Then he sitted down for dinner. Everyone eated lobster and drinked wine. Everyone haved a good time. Before they leaved, he telled them, 'Next month I be going to fix English spelling.' Everyone gived him a standing ovation." 6.5


509. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.