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Talking Dictionary504. Where Did All The Fish Go?


504. In the year 2525, Emma told her mom, "My teacher said there used to be fish in the oceans. Where did they all go?" Her mom said, "The fish went where everything else went. They went into people's stomachs. A long time ago, people thought that the supply of animals and plants was endless. They ate everything they could catch or grow. But every year, there were more people eating fewer animals and plants. Finally, there were no more animals or plants. No more fish or meat. No more grains. No more fruit. No more vegetables. No more anything." Emma asked, "What did people eat then?" Her mom said, "Well, what do you think? There were still plenty of people." Emma said, "Yuck! How long did that last?" Mom said, "Honey, look around. There are still no animals or plants. What do you think you've been eating all these years?" 2.6


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