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Talking Dictionary503. Nothing Like The Real Thing


503. His wife asked, "When are you ever going to take me somewhere? When we were in Los Angeles, you never took me to Universal Studios or Disneyland. Now we're in Manhattan. You still haven't taken me to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building." He said, "How many times have I taken you to Starbucks? Doesn't that count for something? We've never gone to those other places because they were too far away, too expensive, or too crowded. If you want to experience those places, all you have to do is go on YouTube. YouTube makes you feel like you're right there. It's just like the real thing, except without the lines and prices." She said, "Okay, tonight when you're ready for dinner, just go on YouTube. Type in Steak Dinner. Enjoy the video. It'll be just like the real thing, except without the smell and the taste." 4.5


503. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.