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Talking Dictionary502. Young Ballplayer Hates Gravity


502. Connor went running into the house. He was upset. His dad asked what was wrong. Connor said, "My baseball went down the sewer drain. That was the same ball that I caught at the Mets game last week." His dad said, "Well, don't worry. I'll take you to another Mets game sometime. You know you shouldn't play ball in the street. Sewer drains are just a magnet for a baseball. And then gravity finishes the job." Connor said, "I hate sewer drains and gravity." His dad said, "Well, you shouldn't hate either. Sewer drains help prevent flooding. And gravity is even more important. Without gravity, if you hit a fly ball, it would go up forever. It would never come down. Every time you hit a fly ball, you'd lose it." Connor said, "You're right, Dad. And every time I jumped up to catch a fly ball, I'd lose me!" 2.9


502. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.