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Talking Dictionary501. The Greatest Putt Ever Made


501. People will argue forever about who the world's greatest golfer is. But nobody can argue about who sank the most important putt ever made in the history of golf. It was Germany's Martin Kaymer. He sank a 5‐foot putt on the last hole of the 2012 Ryder Cup tournament. That pressure‐packed putt secured the cup for the European team. In 1991, Germany's Bernhard Langer missed a 6‐foot putt on the last hole of the Ryder Cup. That infamous putt gave the cup to the U.S. team. Langer's miss still grieves him. Kaymer's putt was important, of course, for Kaymer. But it was more important for Europe. And it was most important for Germany. Had Kaymer missed his putt, every golf fan—indeed, every sports fan—in the world would have thought, "Germans can't deliver under pressure." Germany today would be the butt of every choke joke in the sports world. 6.0


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