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Talking Dictionary498. A Good Deal On A Cane


498. At the dollar store, he saw a folding cane. It was adjustable and only $7.99. It was a good buy in case of an emergency. A cane is like a flashlight, he thought. It's better to have one when you need it than to have to go buy one when you need it. When he got home, he went online. Folding canes started at $25. A week later, he injured his knee. He spent two days in bed. Then he started using his cane to get around. He felt lucky he had bought the cane when he did. The timing had been just right. When his wife saw him using the cane, she asked, "When did you get that?" He said he had bought it a week ago at the dollar store. She said, "That's why you injured your knee. You cursed yourself. Thank goodness that store doesn't sell wheelchairs." 2.3


498. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.