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Talking Dictionary497. Little Pill For Big Brother


497. Tyler said, "The government is developing a super pill. It'll record and play back everything you see and do. If you forget where you put your keys, close your eyes. Think 'keys,' and you'll see an audio‐video of when you last used your keys. If you forget the name of someone you just met, close your eyes. Think 'shake hands,' and you'll see the audio‐video of the last person you met." Jacob said, "That's fantastic!" Tyler said, "Let me finish. This super pill will also be able to record and play back everything that was in your brain before you took the pill. I'm talking about stuff that you don't even know is there. Of course, everyone must take the pill. The government will have 24/7 access to all the data on each person's pill." Jacob said, "Forget it. That'll never happen. The American people will never stand for it." 4.9


497. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.