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Talking Dictionary496. Walk Around Me


496. Cameron was standing in line at Walbrowns. Two cashiers were at the counter. A huge man was standing in front of Cameron. About eight people were standing behind him. One cashier said, "Step down, please." The big man went to the counter. A minute later, the other cashier said, "Step down, please." Just then, the big man stepped back from the counter. He blocked Cameron's path. Silently, Cameron waited for the man to move back to the counter. However, the man behind Cameron said loudly and impatiently, "Next!" Cameron turned around. He said, "Excuse me. I'm waiting for this guy to get out of the way." The big man moved back to the counter. He glared at Cameron. Menacingly, he said, "Walk around." Cameron said, "Walk around? Have you looked in the mirror recently? Your giant body was blocking the whole aisle. You should walk around—walk around Central Park." 3.9


496. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.