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Talking Dictionary495. Your Phone Or Your Life


495. Noah worked for a pizza place in downtown Manhattan. At 11 p.m., a caller ordered an extra‐large pizza with everything. When the pizza was ready, Noah put it in a delivery bag. He took the bag out to his new, $1,600 motorbike. The motorbike was so much better than his 3‐speed bicycle. He had saved for the motorbike for 16 months. He drove to the address. He couldn't find the street number. It was a dicey neighborhood. He called his manager. She told Noah to return to the shop. He saw two guys coming toward him. One guy pulled out a gun and pointed it at Noah. He said, "Give me your phone." The other guy took the pizza. They both started running. Thinking it was a fake gun, Noah ran after them. He yelled for help. The thieves got away. Noah went back to his motorbike. It was gone. 3.1


495. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.