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Talking Dictionary494. Take These New Shoes Back


494. Lisa entered a Blarks shoe store in midtown Manhattan. Blarks were her favorite shoes. She wanted a lightweight pair of shoes for work. She found a pair for $100. She bought them. Then she went to Macy's to see if Macy's had the same style in other colors. Macy's had the same style in three different colors. Even better, they were on sale. Three pair were only $200. Lisa bought three pair. She went back to Blarks. She asked the worker for her money back. The worker said, "I'm sorry. We allow exchange or credit only. No refunds. Our return policy is on your receipt." Lisa asked to see the manager. The manager told Lisa the same thing. Lisa loudly told the manager she wasn't leaving the store until she got her money back. The manager saw a few customers looking at Lisa. He quietly gave her back her money. 3.7


494. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.