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Talking Dictionary489. Cramps That Curl His Toes


489. Brother said, "Boy, I had killer foot cramps last night. My feet curled up so much that I couldn't even stand. And massaging them didn't help a bit." Sister said, "You should drink a small glass of salt water. That works great for me. In fact, it's like a miracle. Seconds after drinking it, I have no cramps at all. How can salt water get down into my feet so fast?" Brother said, "I don't know. Maybe blood circulates at 100 miles per hour or something. All I know is that the pain from cramps is unbearable. When my feet cramp, I sometimes wish I could just chop them off." Sister said, "It wouldn't help. My friend says he has killer cramps in his calves and feet. But his legs were amputated a year ago!" Brother said, "C'mon! That's impossible. If they amputated his head, would he still have headaches?" 2.6


489. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.