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Talking Dictionary486. Watch Where You Sit


486. He went into the bedroom closet. He grabbed his pants and a shirt. He put them on the bed. Then he took his shoes and socks out of the closet. He put the socks next to the shirt. He took off his glasses. He put them on the bed next to his socks. He pulled his T‐shirt over his head. He sat down on the bed. He put on his pants and socks. He stood up. He groaned. His glasses lay squashed on the bed. He had been sitting on them. Miraculously, they were not broken. The soft quilt and mattress had helped protect them from breaking. But they were badly bent. He adjusted the temples and nosepieces. He tried the glasses on. He made many more adjustments. Finally, his glasses fit okay. He made a mental note to himself: The bed is a stupid place to put your glasses. 1.6


486. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.