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Talking Dictionary484. Where Is That Thumb Drive?


484. He wanted to use his thumb drive. He always kept it in his left pants pocket. He started digging around in that pocket. He couldn't feel the drive. Nothing is ever easy, he thought. He emptied his pocket. He put everything on the desk, but there was no thumb drive. He dug into his right pants pocket. He couldn't feel it there, either. He emptied the pocket. There were pens, pencils, and keys, but no thumb drive. He stopped looking for it. He figured he'd find it later, when he was looking for something else. The next day, while looking for his pocketknife, he found his thumb drive. It was in his jacket pocket. He wondered how many hours of his life he'd spent looking for his personal things. He always felt like he'd spent half his life looking for things he'd spent the other half of his life misplacing. 2.9


484. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.