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Talking Dictionary483. The Arena Will Always Look Old


483. Ernie took the Q train to Brooklyn. He wanted to see what Barclays Center, the new arena, looked like up close. He walked up the stairs from the station. He looked at the building. It didn't look new; it looked old. It looked like it was covered with rusty, iron plates. It had a weird shape. He crossed the street. There was a huge hole in part of the arena's roof. He examined the plates. They weren't rusty, just brown. He called his brother. He told Grady about the plates. Grady said, "You know why they did that? Because when you make it look old in the first place, you don't have to worry that it might look old in the future. That's why some guys marry fat, homely women. That way, they never have to worry about their wife becoming fat and homely down the road. She already is!" 2.0


483. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.