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Talking Dictionary482. She Used The Wrong Credit Card


482. She was a little frazzled. Among other problems, a flower company had been billing her incorrectly. She called her bank. She told the rep about the problem, but he wasn't any help. She told him to cancel that credit card. She went out to lunch several hours later. That evening, she was paying bills online. She said, "Oh, no! I paid for lunch with my canceled credit card!" Her husband asked, "Are you sure? How could a restaurant accept a canceled card?" She didn't know. She called the restaurant. It was closed. She sent a lengthy email. She apologized and promised she would drop by the next day to pay for lunch. Later, as she digging through a pile of receipts, she found the receipt for lunch. She had paid for lunch with a good credit card, not a bad one. She emailed the restaurant again. "Never mind," she wrote. 2.9


482. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.