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Talking Dictionary480. Maybe The Train Will Be Late


480. His wife asked, "Where's my goodbye kiss?" He said, "No time." He got on the elevator. Please be express, he prayed. It wasn't. He dashed outside. He rushed to the nearby train station, bumping into one person. He started down the station steps. An old lady was shuffling down the steps. Why are old people allowed out in the morning, he wondered. Inside the station, he hurried past the free daily newspapers in the metal racks. He swiped his Metro card. Please don't tell me to swipe again, he thought. Many people were climbing the stairs from the platform. Which train had they just gotten off? He squeezed past them all. He was finally on the platform! But it was emptier than usual. He looked south. He didn't see any red taillights. He looked north for his train. He stared hard. Staring hard always works. Every commuter knows that. 2.3


480. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.