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Talking Dictionary478. Little Boy Meets Metal Box


478. The red, metal box was half the size of a red brick. The box was attached to the wall near the principal's desk. A thin, glass rod was attached, horizontally, to the front of the box. Embossed red letters on the top of the box said, "Fire Alarm." Embossed white letters on the front said, "Pull in Case of Fire." Leo, 4, had been learning how to read at home. He recognized the word Pull. He pulled. A loud bell immediately started ringing. Leo jumped. Crying, he ran to his mom. She hugged him. She told him not to worry. Three fire trucks arrived. Six firemen in full gear walked inside. Leo started crying again. One fireman said, "Here, son, try on my hat." Leo grinned. His mom took pictures of Leo with the fireman's hat on. Leo started crying again when the fireman left, taking his hat with him. 2.7


478. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.