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Talking Dictionary477. Bottoms Up Before You Buy


477. He had just bought a used floor lamp. He carried it downstairs to his apartment. He put it on the floor. It wobbled. He banged it down to fix the wobbling. It still wobbled. He lifted it. Big and small chunks of sand‐like filler lay on the floor. No filler remained in the base of the lamp. It couldn't stand upright. His wife said, "I bet you didn't look at the bottom of the lamp before you paid for it, did you? How could you forget to look at the bottom?Remember that mattress you bought when you were single? You looked at the top side, but not the bottom. When you got home, you discovered the huge pee stain. We need to have a baby soon." He asked, "A baby? What's a baby got to do with a lamp?" She said, "A baby will teach you to check bottoms." 1.5


477. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.