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Talking Dictionary475. No More Pets For Her


475. He said, "Maybe someday we'll have a big house and a big yard. Then maybe we can have some pets, too." She said, "I don't want any pets." He asked, "Why not?" She said, "When I was four, I had a beautiful white kitten. It got into bed with me one night. I had already gone to sleep. I rolled over on it. The next morning, I found it lying dead in my bed. Then I had a German shepherd. Her name was Lassie. I loved her so much. But my father said she barked too much. He put her in his car. He drove her to his brother's farm 50 miles away. Three months later, Lassie showed up at our home. She was so skinny and weak. I was thrilled to see her again. But my father wasn't. He put her in the car. I never saw her again." 0.9


475. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.