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Talking Dictionary473. How Do You Know Me?


473. He was on the Q train. At Union Square, two women got on the train. They sat directly across from him. They were attractive women. They looked very much alike. He went back to his magazine. The train stopped at Herald Square. They got up. He got up. He asked the older‐looking woman, "Mother and daughter? Or sisters?" She smiled and said, "Hello, Henry, how are you doing? This is my daughter, Liz." He smiled at Liz and said hello. Both women got off the train. He did too. He was baffled. The woman acted as if she knew him well. She was talking to her daughter on the platform. He wanted to ask, "Forgive me, please, but how do you know my name? Where did we ever meet?" But he walked past her. He climbed the stairs to the street. Maybe, if he ever saw her again, he'd ask. 1.5


473. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.